The Cream of Dairy Hygiene

Date: 14/01/19

The Cream of Dairy Hygiene

All dairy farmers understand that strict hygiene is essential at every stage of the milk production process, and in today’s tough market conditions, there is even less room for mistakes or financial losses. Even the smallest infection outbreak can have serious consequences for the reputation of your farm and the viability of your business.

That’s why, at Kilco, we work hard to support our dairy farmers with the most effective products possible to maintain the highest standards of biosecurity from teat to tank. We’ve been actively researching and developing our dairy hygiene range for over 60 years, constantly improving performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness, to give our dairy industry as much support as we can.

Today, we are proud to be part of the international Kersia group, who are leading the way in our industry by inventing a food safe world. By combining our knowledge and experience, Kilco and Kersia are able to offer more expertise and experience than ever before, to keep your dairy cows safe, keep your equipment clean and keep your yields, and profits, at the highest possible level.


Caring for your cows

From calf to cow, from hoof to teat, Kilco can support your herd with a comprehensive range of animal welfare products to maintain health and reduce the risks of infection and disease. As part of your co-ordinated biosecurity plan, created via a Kilco livestock hygiene audit, we can support a streamlined system that covers all your critical control points.

For example, Kilco are leading the way with formaldehyde-free hoofcare products, such as Farmalin and Superhoof Plus, ensuring you can protect your workforce as well as your livestock. We also offer a range of state of the art udder care products, including our Biolac, Novo and Nano range designed for safe and simple teat care both pre and post milking.

Kilco’s joined-up solutions can help you protect your cows from environmental dangers too, with a complete range of tried and tested QUAT-free products, proven to be effective against the oocysts responsible for diseases such as coccidiosis and cryptosporidium. From powerful detergents, such as Ecofoam Advanced to disinfectants, such as Cyclex to water disinfection and foot disinfection using Virex, we’re with you and your herd every step of the way. 


Comprehensive plant cleaning

Of course, healthy cows are only half the battle. Keeping your equipment clean and hygienic is also essential, to prevent any build up of bacteria or milk residues within the system. Kilco have been working with dairy farmers for decades to create and refine a range of cleaning products that are efficient, effective and most importantly, easy to use within the constant heavy workload of a dairy farm environment.

Kilco can help you keep every inch of your milking equipment hygienically clean, with a choice of dependable products that can be easily incorporated into your daily regime. From tank cleaners, such as Tankbrite, to specialist pipe cleaners such as Morning Wash and Kilcosan, to Virodox for the final rinse, we can support every stage of your cleaning and biosecurity protocols to ensure the best possible protection throughout.

As more and more farms move over to robotic milking systems, producers are facing a whole new set of challenges to their hygiene regime. Kilco has risen to these challenges by developed a range of products designed specifically for these automated machines. Our robotic milking products not only offer the highest standards of hygiene, but also work to protect your equipment, preventing damage and ensuring it is working to the optimum level at all times.

Supporting all dairy farmers

Kilco expertise is here to support you however you farm, whatever the size of your herd, whatever milking machines you use, whatever challenges you face. We’ll work closely with you right across the dairy farming process to help your business to not only survive, but to thrive in the modern marketplace.

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