The End of an Unusual Summer

Date: 14/08/18

The End of an Unusual Summer

There’s no doubt that 2018 has been a testing year for all areas of farming, with unusually hot and dry conditions across the country presenting a whole host of challenges for the agricultural sector.

The Met Office reports that rainfall was just 48% of normal levels across the whole of the UK in June, with some areas of the South and East recording just 10% of the expected average. Remarkably, there were no fewer than fifty consecutive dry days recorded at a few weather stations in the South, with temperatures also significantly higher, often above 30º in many places.

These unusual conditions were made worse by the long, wet winter and the so-called Beast from the East cold spell, which led to late sowing and a poor start for many young plants. This created a real battle for some farmers, with satellite images showing much of our ‘green and pleasant land’ turning to a dry straw colour between spring and late summer.

Such intense conditions make it all the more important that we get the harvest in as effectively as possible, making sure that every precaution is taken to reduce losses through contamination and disease. Whether farmers are reaping the benefits of the sunny weather, in areas such as fruit farming, or suffering from the drought-like conditions, such as dairy farmers struggling to grow essential feed, harvest time can make a huge difference.

An effective harvest is not only important for farmers, but also for the wider food industry. According to the NFU, the UK food and drink manufacturing sector, which is fed directly by the farming industry, contributes £111bn to the UK economy and provides 3.8million jobs.

Kilco are here to support Britain’s farmers and food producers to get the most out of their harvests and minimise avoidable waste. From general purpose cleaning and disinfecting products, such as Ecofoam, Virex and Viroshield, to specific products for transport, storage and food processing plants, Kilco can work with every step of the process, from farm to fork. Our expertise and experience mean we can play a vital role in keeping pests and disease out of the supply chain and helping farmers to make the most of the hard earned harvest that has been so challenging to produce. 

Of course, the UK has not been alone in facing such testing conditions; the whole of Europe has been suffering in much the same way. Now that Kilco has joined forces with Kersia, a worldwide authority of food hygiene, we can draw on the experience of continental Europe, as well as other countries across the globe, to offer Britain’s farmers and food producers an even wider range of support and advice than ever before.

By working together, we’ll weather the weather, whether we like it or not.

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