The Importance of Fly Control

Date: 25/09/17

The Importance of Fly Control

Within the horticulture industry it is vital that a pest and disease free environment is designed and secured at all times. There are barriers you can put in place to prevent problems of disease brought about by flies and other pests, but sometimes you need to act to remove them, and fast.

If pest and disease is allowed to spread in a horticultural setting it can fast cause serious damage and devastation to your crops. With this in mind always be aware of the types of pest and disease that could cause your specific setting problems, and be ready to act fast if they become apparent.

Secure the Location

n many cases it is important to have a secure setting for your crops, with barriers in place that prevent unauthorised access of outsiders. Those who regularly visit your premises should also follow strict protocol, sometimes this can include wearing protective clothing or only being allowed within a certain distance of some crops.

Regular Cleaning and Disinfectant Regime

With the help of specialist detergents and disinfectants, like the products Kilco supplies, have in place a strict regime of cleaning and disinfectant of the important sections of your production area, wiping down surfaces and clearing out homes for pests and disease.

Kilco has a range of specialist cleaning and disinfection products designed for the horticulture sector. Pest control, and specifically fly control is an important aspect of any production. Our products can help you to secure a pest and disease free production area. For more information, browse the horticulture section on our website.


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