The Importance of Improving Dairy Hygiene

Date: 24/04/17

The Importance of Improving Dairy Hygiene

On modern dairy farms the machinery used within the milking process has become a central part of daily life and production. Looking after the health of the animals is imperative and a long-term process and matter of cultural development on each farm.

There are a few different aspects to be on top of in terms of the level of hygiene on dairy farms, not just including the machinery itself. This can be the cluster pick-up between milking and the bedding material, as well as the bulk tank used to store the milk. In all of these places farmers must be aware of potential bacterial contamination and how to accurately assess levels of hygiene and prevent contamination.

At Kilco there is a real understanding of this whole process. We know that dairy farms are busy and hectic places and although the machinery used within them have improved significantly over recent years as scientific development and technology has improved, but there is more to dairy hygiene than just that. Kilco does supply a range of teat hygiene disinfectants though, as an effective product to completely cleanse the area between uses. On top of that we also provide bulk tank cleaners, a robots range to help with the effectiveness of large-scale production, hoof care, overall animal health advice, udder care and plant cleaning.

If you’d like to find out more contact Kilco today and we can discuss the range of dairy hygiene options in more detail with you.

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