Protect Your Income When Flies Appear

Date: 27/04/18

Protect Your Income When Flies Appear

Preventing Flies from being able to infect the teat canal is a big objective in controlling SCC modulation over the spring and summer months.

A desire to improve skin conditioning as well as barrier technology led the research team at Kilco to develop the first range of teat dips to contain Lanolin.

Summer C-Dip Advance is ideal for farmers looking to create a barrier at the teat canal post milking. Its composition, which includes lanolin, is not harsh on the teat skin, it also contains Eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus oil is known to repel flies and other insects. Read more about Summer C-Dip Advance here.

Minimising the number of flies in the milking parlour and surrounding area is also important in a Total Fly Control strategy.

Farmers, like researchers, scientists and academics will not know from a distance the type of bacteria carried by flies on farm. The numbers of flies that will be able to attack the teat canal in the twenty minutes post milking period, whilst the teat canal remains open, depends on the breeding population of flies that are allowed to build over the spring and summer period. Targeted fly control applications close to, or in the milking parlour can help. Farmers do know that a high TBC and a high SCC can be costly. A strategy for Total Fly Control in conjunction with a rigorous Dairy Hygiene programme that is kind to cows’ teats is therefore vital.


Stage 1. Reduce the Fly Larvae population. – prevent the next explosion in “Fly Birth.” HOKOEK can be scattered onto high moisture surfaces, sprayed or poured onto low moisture surfaces to prevent larvae becoming flies.

Stage 2. Reduce the adult Fly Population local to the Milking Parlour. –

PERMOST CS applied to walls and floors is an insecticide that becomes active when the adult fly comes to rest.

SOFAST is a sugar bait. Painted or sprayed onto one wall or hanging boards. The product takes effect once flies land on the treated area.

Stage 3. Knockdown and Kill adult flies in the Milking Parlour pre and post milking.

PERMOST UNI FLY SPRAY – Sprayed into the air in the parlour, or onto surfaces. Instant Kill.

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