Transport Programmes for Poultry

Date: 09/01/18

Transport Programmes for Poultry

There are several ways to safely transport poultry. At Kilco, there is a range of company-designed products and programmes for all specific vehicles.

Farmers have a legal responsibility to ensure their animals are transported in a way that won’t cause injury or unnecessary suffering to them. Suffering includes illness, which means that any vehicle used to transport livestock needs to be properly sanitised.

First, for COP, there’s Ecofoam Advanced, Kilco’s own ultra-high performance, alkaline, long cling, foam cleaner. It’s effective for fat and protein removal on heavily soiled areas, and remains effective regardless of water hardness levels. There’s also Kleenfleet, which is an alkaline blended detergent designed for the removal of traffic film. It’s completely biodegradable, and highly concentrated. This product is only suitable for hard water areas.

For CIP, there’s HPPA, a disinfectant for water systems and equipment. It’s rapid kill, which is perfect for high-bacteria areas like transport vehicles, livestock buildings. KILCO CIP HW is appropriate for most CIP and recirculation applications that are found in food, dairy, and brewing industries, as well as being suitable for turbulent recirculation systems. And finally, KILCO CIP, which is a low foam blended detergent for the food and beverage industry.

There are three products for Biosecurity: Kilco Super Wipes, Virex, and Virosheild. All three of these products are various disinfectants with a spectrum of uses.

Last of all, for Fogging, there’s Hatchery Sanitiser, which can be applied using several techniques, and is suitable for the hatchery, and for food processing sectors.

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