Transportation Cleanliness on Your Poultry Farm

Date: 08/06/17

Transportation Cleanliness on Your Poultry Farm

Transporting poultry in the correct and most hygienic way possible is essential to your poultry farm. There are a number of factors that can cause stress for your poultry during transportation, from the catching and handling process to food and water deprivation, unfamiliar surroundings, noises, temperatures and a lack of movement. Having a full and thorough process in place to ensure that only healthy birds are transported and that you have done everything to maintain high cleanliness standards will help to keep your poultry healthy during transportation.

In terms of transporting poultry you should carefully load them into cages or crates that have been fully cleaned immediately prior to transportation. There should be no sharp edges and the crates should be well ventilated and designed with ridged floors to prevent any part of the bird protruding.

The catching and handling of birds is vitally important, ensure that each bird is individually picked up by its legs and placed carefully within clean crates. Never mix different species of poultry within a single crate during transportation, and never carry by anything other than their legs.

For watering and feeding it is imperative that your poultry has clean drinking water and feeding facilities at all times. Inspect the housing facilities each day and maintain a fully and thoroughly cleaned supply of water and food containers. A healthy poultry farm leads to an easier transportation process when required.

Kilco has a range of products and programmes that have been designed for specific vehicles and transport procedures relating to your poultry farm. There are many different ways in which you have to take care of the transportation of your poultry and related goods, from egg lorries, to feed tankers and live bird vehicles.

Kilco is here to help with all aspects of your poultry cleanliness and hygiene.

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