What a difference an A makes

Date: 06/12/18

What a difference an A makes
It may only be one small letter, but changing formalin to Farmalin could make a big difference to the health of your workforce! Formalin is another name for the disinfectant, formaldehyde, used in footbaths as an alternative to copper and zinc, whereas Farmalin is Kilco’s QUAT-free and aldehyde-free alternative that is both more effective and safer to use.

What is formaldehyde?

Despite the Dr Jeckyl sounding name, formaldehyde is not a lab generated creation. It occurs naturally in the environment and is produced by most living things as part of the metabolic process. It is present in most air at levels of 0.03parts per million. 
Formaldehyde is colourless, flammable and strong smelling and can be found in everything from composite woods and other building materials, to everyday products like glue, paper and paint. It is also widely used as a fungicide, germicide and disinfectant in a wide variety of industries, including farming.

Why is it dangerous?

Exposure to small levels of formaldehyde is harmless; however the problems occur when that level is increased – such as around your farm’s footbath. Higher levels of formaldehyde, around 0.1parts per million, can cause irritation to the eyes and nose, mouth and throat. Repeated exposure may have even more serious consequences, with formaldehyde classed as a Category 1B carcinogen and found to present an ‘unacceptable risk’ when used in cattle foot bathing applications.

Make ‘a’ change

Moving from formalin to Farmalin is a simple and effective way to protect your team from the dangers of formaldehyde, while still protecting your herd from hoof problems, and treating any problems that do occur. 
Farmalin is an innovative, aldehyde free liquid concentrate for the maintenance of healthy hooves in cattle and sheep. It is a direct substitute for formaldehyde foot baths and has many advantages over the traditional method:  
  • Farmalin is QUAT free
  • Farmalin is environmentally and user friendly
  • Farmalin contains IONAS Barrier Technology specifically formulated to maintain normal hoof health integrity
  • Farmalin is formulated for foot hoof conditioning to aid in hoof hardening and repair. 
  • Farmalin is formulated for skin conditioning, providing an emollient action to the skin, as well as agents that will aid in the thinning of any hard, callous skin tissues.

The Farmalin family

Farmalin is available in three highly effective products to deliver a complete hoof care regime covering disease prevention, lameness outbreaks and topical treatment. Farmalin Maintenance is designed for regular foot bath use to maintain biosecurity, prevent disease and improve hoof condition. Farmalin Intense has increased antibacterial properties and is designed for use during times of increased lameness. Farmalin Impact is a handy spray for topical use on individual animals, offering treatment and protection beyond the footbath. 
Together, these three products provide everything you need to combat lameness without the need to expose your workforce to the dangers of formaldehyde products. In fact, Kilco, now part of Kersia, are so confident in our Farmalin range, that we are discontinuing formaldehyde products for hoof care from 1st January 2019. It’s part of our drive to improve the health and wellbeing for farms and farmers across the UK and supports Kersia’s goal to invent a food safe world.

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