Winter Planning for Poultry

Date: 19/10/18

Winter Planning for Poultry

The coming of winter can bring significant changes if you are farming poultry on a commercial level to the way you clean, feed and look after your flock. Even if you farm fewer birds, there can be many changes to the level of care required as part of your daily routine. That’s when you will really appreciate the support of Kilco in keeping your flock healthy and happy through the winter months.

Cleaning housing

Barn or free-range hens will always have access to the outside, but in the winter months, they may not take as much advantage of this freedom as they do in the summer. More time spent indoors means more mess, significantly increasing the hygiene risks within the housing. Poultry farmers need to take extra care with their cleaning and disinfection regimes if they are to maintain strict biosecurity during this time. Cleaning frequency may need to be doubled or even trebled to maintain safe standards. 

Kilco are here to help with a wide range of easy to use detergents and long lasting disinfectants, which combine to create a safer environment throughout the winter months.

Controlling pests

The cooler winter months may deter and even kill off red mites, but any eggs laid at the end of the summer can still survive the winter, so you need to stay vigilant to the danger. Winter may also see a spike in northern fowl mites. These may only appear to be tiny black specks, but if left untreated, they can kill a bird in a matter of days.
Kilco Permost CS treatment offers broad spectrum insect control against crawling and flying pests, with rapid knock down and long-lasting residual control. General biosecurity can also be supported by products such as Virex and Viroshield.

Providing water

Poultry will need as much water in the winter as they do in the summer, so it is important to maintain a clean supply at all times, especially indoors when outdoor sources are subject to freezing. Aqua 50, HPPA and Virochlor 500 from Kilco are all simple but effective ways to prevent contamination and keep water supplies safe. 

Supplementing feeds

With less opportunities for foraging, poultry food supplies may need to be supplemented during the winter months to maintain healthy, strong birds. Kilco offers a comprehensive range of nutritional products for poultry to help maintain levels of vitamins, trace elements, electrolytes and essential amino acids. Available in liquid form these products are all easy to use and highly effective throughout the winter season. 

With just a few, simple to apply changes to your poultry care routine, and a little help from Kilco along the way, your flock can continue to thrive through the winter and emerge strong and healthy, and ready for the breeding season in the spring.

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