Functional Chemical Research Centre

Kilco (International) Ltd are at the forefront of disease prevention and control in livestock production and are committed to research and development in this area to support our customers all over the world. As part of this commitment Kilco have set up the Functional Chemical Research Centre headed up by Technical Director, Dr Martin Garland.

The purpose of the centre is to actively engage with research facilities who are involved in the development of science and regulation in the agri-food sector. Working closely with these institutions will ensure Kilco has the knowledge to develop effective products whilst striving to implement more effective, quality assured protocols in our manufacturing processes.

The Functional Chemical Research Centre has four core strategic themes; Microbial Control & Disease Prevention, Alternatives To Substances of Concern, Food Safety & Chemical Residue Reduction and Animal Drinking Water Quality & Nutrition. These themes have been identified in line with evolving customer and regulatory demands and will help the industry improve animal health and welfare whilst meeting industry targets and regulations.

Microbial Control & Disease Prevention

This area will focus on innovations in products and services that can be integrated into biosecurity management protocol for all livestock species aimed at maximising infection control and animal welfare, whilst supporting strategies to reduce the utilisation of antibiotics in the agricultural sector. Antibiotic resistance is a key area of concern due to the risk to human health with the reduced efficacy of the drugs. Identifying areas where biosecurity and general hygiene can be improved can help farms to reduce the need for antibiotic treatment.

Alternatives To Substances Of Concern

There are many products in use in the agricultural sector which pose risks to human health or the environment. One of the most commonly used is formaldehyde which has many applications in the industry but is a known human carcinogenic. The research centre is working on alternatives to the use of formaldehyde across all applications.

Food Safety & Chemical Residue Reduction

With the introduction of the European Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR) it is inevitable that maximum residue levels (MRL) for all chemicals will come under increased scrutiny for all food/feed product applications. The research centre is investigating the development of cleaning and disinfectant products with enhanced food safety for the entire agri-food chain.

Animal Drinking Water Quality & Nutrition

Vitamins and minerals play an important part in optimising livestock health, productivity and quality. Kilco (International) Ltd aims to offer a broad range of stable microbial control water additives and bioavailable liquid based additives to suit all species at various points in their cycles.

The Functional Chemical Research Centre is based at our purpose built facility in Mallusk, Ireland and supported by our experienced team at our manufacturing plant in Lockerbie.