The Kilco Way

Supporting Farmers

Supporting farmers every step of the way, that’s The Kilco Way.

The Kilco Way is a complete and coordinated approach to animal health, hygiene management and farm biosecurity.

Farming today is changing fast, with ever increasing demands from supply chains, customers and end consumers, and ever more complex rules and regulations. From risk assessments and biosecurity audits, to chemicals of concern and maximum residue limits, our industry is barely recognisable from a generation ago.

That’s why we have developed The Kilco Way, to help today’s farmers to be both compliant and competitive in an ever changing industry.

A single, trusted source

Whether you raise beef or dairy cattle, sheep or pigs, fish or fowl, our comprehensive product range helps you to identify critical control points, selecting the right products at each step, to create a bespoke solution tailored to the unique seasonal challenges of the sector.

Innovative hygiene audits

Our unique approach means every farmer can benefit from Kilco’s unrivalled experience and expertise. We’re supporting today’s farmers worldwide with industry leading research and state of the art technology, while at the same time gathering learning and best practice from across the globe to benefit the farmers of tomorrow.

With innovative techniques and technology for hygiene monitoring and auditing, we can streamline the process and allow you to measure your farm’s performance against both the industry average and the very best, while identifying trends and flagging up areas of concern.

The Kilco Way comes from a genuine commitment to the farming industry and a real determination to support farmers. Together we can grow; raising standards as well as raising livestock, to secure our farms and our food chain for future generations.


The Kilco Way

Working together to find your way forward

The Kilco Way is a complete and coordinated approach to animal health, hygiene management and farm biosecurity. But what does that mean for you?  We asked Brian Johnstone, a dairy farmer from Lancashire.

“    The Kilco team helped me to understand the bigger picture on biosecurity. Instead of tackling individual problem areas in isolation, as we had before, they provided a complete and connected solution that managed infection control across the entire farm.

“    We would never have been able to join the dots in this way without the Kilco Biosecurity Audit. It might sound like a lot of hassle, but it is actually a very streamlined process. I couldn’t believe how much information they were able to gather in such a short time.

“    More importantly, Kilco were able to use that information to create a bespoke biosecurity plan for our farm, and compare that to our competitors and to the very best in the business. It was an education, I can tell you, and it has changed the way we work for the better.

“    Our farm hygiene processes are now simpler and more straightforward, and the decrease in problems and infections has led to an significant increase in yields. I wish we’d always worked the Kilco Way!”.